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can you update "Dreaming of You" with game-pad support??

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I like the game's art style but I'm stuck at the school after getting the first 2 parts of the locker code. also there are buildings in town where you get stuck as soon as you enter.

Me too! I wasn't able to finish the game because of this ;-;


this game is so cute! i really loved the art for the cutscenes, i'm a big fan of the abstract color choices for the different areas too. it was so neat how parts of the background were transparent with a background pattern showing through, very stylish! the ending was satisfying as well :) a few parts were a little buggy but it didn't really take away from the experience. great work!


I haven't finished the game yet cause I have no clue where to go after getting the slop. I like the art in the game but finding where to go is the most confusing part due to the mapping. Also you get stuck when going into Mr.Dog's house and get spawned somewhere you can't move when going down the stairs of ❤❤❤'s house.